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Nuzvid is a historical fort area in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh. It is the headquarters for Nuzvid mandal and Nuzvid revenue division. Nuzvid has a municipality status since 1983 and it is also known as “The mango town” as mangoes from Nuzvid are famous across the world. Nuzvid Assembly constituency is one among 16 constituencies in the Krishna district,Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly, India. Nuzvid area is around 31.69 km2 and population around 2.5 Lakhs. 

Nuzvid is an educational center for all surrounded villages. It has many schools, intermediate and degree colleges. Krishna university in Nuzvid is a famous PG center.  Nuzvid is famous for different sports. Mainly during festival seasons like Sankranthi and Dasara, people here conducts Basket ball and Kabaddi competitions as a tradition.

Dasara is biggest festival in Nuzvid and People also calls it as “Second Mysore”. People living in different places come to their home town Nuzvid during Dasara time. Nuzvid Dasara consists of Chedugudu competetions, Traditional attire and dances, Exhibitions and people who roams on the roads with utter joy.

Nuzvid History:

Whenever we talk about the history of Nuzvid, we should mention the “Meka Family”. Meka Basavanna was the founder of Nuzvid Town. Later on the same family members ruled the area and they have implemented many developments in the town. The original name of Nuzvid is “Noochelaveedu” which is a combined word of “Nuvvu chelu (oil fields)” and “Veedu(Hill)”. Later it became noojelaveedu and noojiveedu. It was the capital seat of the famous zamindars of the illustrious Meka-Apparao family  and has been a center of great cultural and literary activity. Many a scholar and a poet  had been recipient of annual gratuity and honor from the zamindars, who besides being poets themselves are patrons of learning and arts.

Nuzvid rulers are well portrayed as Brave hearts in history. Narayya Apparao of Nuzvid zamindars, fought against Britishers in 1771 which is far earlier than 1857 independence movement.  This fought back from narayya apparao is called as first freedom fight in India.

Some interesting points about Nuzvid:

Nuzvid mangoes are famous world wide.

Nuzvid got prestigious IIIT campus in the year of 2008.

Saraswathi temple in Nuzvid is well constructed and it is one among 3 saraswathi temples in Telugu states.

Veena making is a traditional culture in Nuzvid. Shaik Mabu, veena Maker from Nuzvid got guiness world record by creating shortest playable veena.

Legendry Actor Sr.NTR has been introduced to the Films by Nuzvid Zamindar who was the producer of the Movie “Mana Desam”, in the name of sobhanachala studios.

Great Actor S.V.Ranga Rao is from Nuzvid.

Nuzvid people celebrates Dasara festival very well and so it is often called as Second Mysore.

The first freedom fight in India has happened in Nuzvid only.

Present temple in Dwaraka tirumala is developed by Nuzvid Zamindar.


Here is a short video about Nuzvid which covers Nuzvid history and it’s development over the years:

The History of Nuzvid

The History of Nuzvid in brief…contains information about few historical elements (y)credits : Nuzvid-The Mango Cityview in HD quality

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