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Greetings from the team “Nuzvid The Mango City”! 




We are here to represent all the aspects of Nuzvid.

We have started our journey with a Facebook page named “Nuzvid The Mango City” which enabled us to share our regular updates with all the people of Nuzvid. Later, we decided to open an interactive website to provide a platform for all our people to express themselves and also to provide them with the required information.

“NuzvidTheMangoCity.com” is a place where people can indirectly have a talk with Nuzvid. This website can provide you with the information related to ‘the mango town’ like historical elements, latest events, photo & video gallery, classifieds and a blog that allows people to share their thoughts.

We also created the Nuzvid Business Directory and we are targeting to  manage all business contacts located in and around Nuzvid.

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